Spring/Summer 2016

Angel Chen Spring Summer 2016 collection is inspired by a new wave period called “Youthquake” prevalent in the 1960s and initiated by Diana Vreeland, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue of the time. It saw a cluster of new fashion, art and design powers stirringthe creativity of the young generation. An integral movement shaping the world as it is today, an incubator for such creative possibilities for fashion, design, and art.
Her new collection features designs composed of inflatable shells and colourful sponges representing the fearless new-age generation and diversity.
The powder grains representing the restless cells, sweet andexciting. Existing as the running blood vessel of the collection, the transparent PVC shell is filled with blooming colourful cells. The completed looks take the shape of neon pink monsters walking out upon the Fashion Scout stage, only triggering more thinking, creativity and ideas.