Autumn / Winter 2015
Bunny with Short Legs

London, February 21, 2015: This season Angel Chen presents a beautiful and captivating story behind the new collection of Autumn Winter 2015. With a mixture of texture, techniques and bold colors combination, from off whites to forest greens and bright yellows jackets with blue strips.
Angel Chen’s inspiration for the new collection is a troop of Highland Dressed Scouts marching in her direction to the ostinato rhythm of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero. The crescendo of this piece inspired Chen so much over the past few months that when she listen to it she get a real feeling that these Scouts are gradually and resolutely approaching.

The Scouts are strange creatures that at first Chen cannot recognize, but then she realize they are very quirky bunnies. Bunnies with short legs that are weird and wearing funny socks marching towards us in unison, like a military unit. This whimsical military theme runs throughout the new collection with a nod to “Moonrise Kingdom” by Wes Anderson, and another to a myriad of countries militia. Some of the bunny’s coats have a real landscape to them that doubles up as a map for these intrepid young explorers. Accompanying them is Ravel’s dancing woman dressed in beautiful lace, the woman has transfixed them and ultimately they promise to defend her forever more.

A patchwork mixture of heavy wool and light cotton in bright green, yellow and red is the perfect textile for these bold little creatures especially in the coming autumn and winter. Lurid prints blended with gingham and tweed in earthy tones and a juxtaposition of heavy and floating fabrics to create a dreamy woodland aesthetic, manifesting further through the twig and branch effects carried by the models. From a piece made entirely of tumbling frills and lace to a military jacket paired with a glittering rifle, Chen once again took us on the magical journey that we have come to expect from her previous collections, Les Noces and The Rite of Spring.

Angel Chen is striving to create the story behind designing and manufacturing with the passion of fashion.